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Kullu, or Kulu, is the capital town of the Kullu District in the Indian condition of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated on the banks of the Beas River in the Kullu Valley around ten kilometers north of the air terminal at Bhuntar.

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Kullu is a wide open valley shaped by the Beas stream amongst Manali and Largi. This valley is well known for its sanctuaries, magnificence and its glorious slopes secured with pine and deodar timberland and sprawling apple plantations. The course of the Beas waterway displays a progression of glorious, clad with backwoods of deodar, towering above trees of pine on the lower rough edges. Kullu valley is sandwiched between the Pir Panjal, Lower Himalayan and Great Himalayan reach.

Things to do in Kullu:

1. Sightseeing in Kullu:  

Disregarding the Sarvari nala and around a kilometer up from Dhalpur is the Raghunathji Temple. A long, low working behind the imperial castle, this sanctuary houses the icon of Raghunathji , the managing god of Kullu. He introduced the symbol in the recently manufactured sanctuary and delegated it ruler to give penance for the transgression of having created the demise of a brahmin – a Hindu cleric. From that point forward the leaders of Kullu viewed themselves as the delegates of the heavenly ruler.

2. Shopping in Kullu:

Incorporates purchasing Kullu shawls, tops, and gadmas which can be purchased from private shops and in addition the Himachal state weaving co-agent at Bhutti Weavers province, six kms south of Kullu. 
The co-agent runs a few retail outlets called Bhuticco at different towns in the valley. The state government handiworks emporium and Khadi Gramodyog emporium are at Akhara Bazaar.

3. Activities in Kullu

The Kullu Manali Valley is a base for those searching for an adrenalin surge and getting one with nature as open air exercises in Kullu are in plenty.

  • The Kullu Valley is the travel point for trekking courses over the Chanderkhani go to Malana, the Jalori Pass, and Bashleo Pass to Shimla and the Pin Parvati go to Sarahan. 
  • The Kullu Manali locale, particularly the Larji Valley 34kms and Banjar (58kms), is confounded by various streams which at last meet the Beas River and are magnificent spots for angling.
  • Attempt a yak safari while you are in Kullu. The yak is an uneven creature that lives in the upper scopes of the Himalayas, ordinarily above 6000 mts above ocean level. Investigate this wonderful locale on the back of this meek looking creature – it is certain to premium and an extraordinary affair.

4. Eating Out in Kullu: 

Eating out in Kullu is about attempting some lip smacking nearby cooking styles, Indian and Chinese sustenance, pizzas and Tibetan momos.
Planet Food and Hotel Sarvari in Dhalpur are the two surely understood multi-cooking eateries in Kullu; the eateries offer scrumptious fast food including pizzas and burgers. Hot Stuff and Planet Food in Dhalpur serve pizzas and burgers, perfect for a snappy chomp. Lodging Sheetal and Restaurant is perfect for individuals searching for peaceful environs and quality feasting knowledge.

5. Festivals & Events in Kullu

Dussehra or Kullu Dussehra as it is prevalently known is the real celebration in Kullu that is praised with much exhibition and fervor.
Generally the ten-day Dussehra celebration is commended at some point in October all over India to stamp the killing of the evil spirit ruler Ravana by Lord Rama. The Kullu Dussehra in any case, has its own extraordinary flavor. Presently a famous vacation destination and popularized, as it were, it is held at the Maidan and is the most vital occasion in Kullu.

Weather in Kullu:

The most extreme temperature for Kullu Manali Airport throughout the following 7 day will be 29℃ (or 85℉) on Monday eleventh July at around 2 pm. Around the same time the base temperature will be 10℃ (or 49℉) on Sunday seventeenth July at around 5 am. Our Kullu Manali Airport climate forecaster is reporting Wednesday thirteenth July to be the wettest day in the coming week with around 3.20mm (or 0.1 inches) of precipitation. Make a point to convey an umbrella on the off chance that you are out on the town in Kullu Manali Airport. The windiest of all days will be Monday eleventh July as wind will achieve 8mph (or 13kmph) at around 2 pm.

Best time to visit:

Kullu enjoys incredible climate from March to November. The mid year visitor surge thus the crest time is May to July, so on the off chance that you need to evade the mid year deluge of travelers, the best time to visit Kullu are from mid-March to Mid-April and again mid-September till mid-November.

Summer is the primary trekking season so if that is the fundamental season for your visit then you ought to gon in the mid year months. Kullu sees Dussehra being praised in a major manner way, so this is another purpose behind you to time your visit in October amid this celebration.

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