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The story of Lowell is an effective ordeal inside a scene that has much to offer guests. Home to the most seasoned Labor Day Parade in Indiana, Lowell has various different occasions and celebrations.

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The fourth biggest city in Massachusetts, Lowell transports guests back to America’s Industrial Age with attractions, for example, Lowell National Historic Park, the Boott Cotton Mills Museum, the New England Quilt Museum, and the American Textile History Museum. The city is additionally home to wonderful parks, magnificent eateries, the Whistler House Museum of Art, LeLacheur Park, the Merrimack Repertory Theater and other remarkable attractions.

Things to do in Lowell:

Lowell National Historic Park 

Lowell National Historic Park

Lowell National Historic Park was set up in 1978 and is worked by the National Park Service, which has park accomplices and volunteers to help with the consideration of the national park. The recreation center has numerous striking components and takes guests back to the mechanical period where they can figure out how the cotton factory functioned and how materials were made.

Highlights include: the Boott Cotton Mill and Museum, The Francis Gate, the Mill Girls and Immigrants Boarding House, the Suffolk Mill Turbine and Powerhouse, and the Lowell Canal System. The recreation center has a guest focus that gives a free independently directed visit, and the trail along the Merrimack Canal offers guests a look into the elements of existing and previous locales.

Boott Cotton Mills Museum 

Boott Cotton Mills Museum

The Boott Cotton Mills Museum was operational for more than one hundred and a quarter century it was shut down in 1955. From that point forward, it has been reestablished and revived as an exhibition hall that pays respect to the factory and the plant convention of the city of Lowell. The gallery highlights valid plant hardware, as well as turns on all the mechanical evaluation weavers give guests a gander at a genuine working plant.

The modern evaluation looms keep running at top speed and are situated in the weave room. There is a blessing shop that is loaded with instructive books of the nineteenth century, and additionally recordings and other data on the historical backdrop of factories in Lowell. The historical center building itself has three stories, two of which are particularly utilized for the gallery while the third has cutting edge apartment suites and lofts.

Whistler House Museum of Art 

The Whistler House Museum of Art plans to safeguard the origination of James McNeill Whistler, one of America’s chief specialists. The exhibition hall additionally takes a gander at bringing issues to light for the historical backdrop of the house and the work of art of the first occupants who were trailblazers amid the American Industrial Revolution. The gallery advances exploration and presentations that are identified with the Whistler legacy, the house, and territorial specialists.

The Whistler House has occasions that showcase differing effort and displays. The gallery offers youth summer programs that spin around class-based instruction. Those intrigued by the craftsmanship can visit the house, which has a display of their perpetual gathering, and additionally a show for the Parker Gallery and Arshile Gorky.

New England Quilt Museum 

The New England Quilt Museum is situated in the Lowell Institute for Savings Building, which was implicit 1845 in the great Greek Revival Style. It has more than 18,000 square feet of space loaded with display exhibitions, an asset focus, a historical center store, classrooms, bolster zones, and more than four hundred collectible and contemporary blankets. The gallery holds displays during the time that showcase honor winning bedcovers from different global rivalries.

The historical center likewise has workshops during the time where you can find out about knitting procedures and gain from specialists through their instructive projects. The exhibition hall store has books and magazines available to be purchased on different knitting strategies and sorts, from sewing to material to cutting edge stitching, in addition to they have quilts available to be purchased that go back to the 1860s.

LeLacheur Park 

LeLacheur Park

This park opened in 1998 and is home to the Lowell Spinners, a subsidiary of the Boston Red Sox. The stadium can situate 5,000 individuals and was worked as a swap for the Alumni Field, which possessed the site preceding LeLacheur Park. The seating of the recreation center is raised over the field so all viewers can without much of a stretch see the play by plays, while an extensive scoreboard sits in left field.

There is a speaker framework introduced in focus field as opposed to behind home plate, and it gives superb sound. There is a lot of accessible stopping, and the recreation center gloats an exquisite scenery of the Merrimack River over the wall in left field. The concourse encompasses the top segment of the recreation center, which is the place you will discover refreshments, stock, and bathrooms.

Merrimack Repertory Theater 

The Merrimack Repertory Theater is a non-benefit proficient theater that presents execution through September to May at the notable Liberty Hall, which is a 279-seat theater. The theater was helped to establish in 1979 and has subsequent to created more than 200 preparations, including sixteen world debuts.

The theater is known for its contemporary and great exhibitions, creating seven plays all through every season notwithstanding offering training programs went for both understudies and grown-ups. The understudy early shows permit schools to give their understudies an ordeal that presents writing through execution. This permits the understudies to interface with stories and characters extraordinarily.

Lowell Summer Music Series 

The Lowell Summer Music Series, a yearly non-benefit arrangement that is held amongst June and September, conveys live shows to occupants and voyagers at moderate costs. The greater part of the shows are held at the Boarding House Park, which is situated in the Boott Mills Complex. All shows have general confirmation, and season passes are accessible.

You can purchase tickets online that have no charges connected to them, and you can see their up and coming shows by means of their site. The Lowell Summer Music Series likewise has particular shows intended for youngsters, which are for nothing out of pocket, and they offer a craftsmanship bit, natural snacks, an execution, and trolley park rides.

Mogun Cultural Center 

The Mogun Cultural Center was set up in 1989 and right now shapes a scaffold between the city of Lowell and the group bunches inside the city. The center of the social focus is to assume a positive part among all gatherings connected with the exhibition hall including the progression endeavors of social and recorded exercises inside the city.

The social focus has recorded showcases and instructive projects for youth, and it advances group differing qualities and learning while supporting the people expressions, music, and move. Current displays include: The Mill Girls and Immigrants Exhibit, the Center for Lowell History, the Greater Merrimack Valley Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, and the Angkor Dance Troupe.

Western Avenue Studios 

Western Avenue Studios offers a shelter for innovative people who need to work and live among a motivating group. The complex has more than five sections of land spread out amongst three block plant structures that have 250 work just studios and 50 live/work lofts.

Among these structures is a craftsmen’s affiliation, the Loading Dock Gallery, and the Onyx Room Performance Space. The Western Avenue Studios offers people the chance to lease studios, which is particularly valuable to craftsmen who need the ideal space to help them flourish. Be that as it may, in the event that you are searching for a live in workspace, you will be required to acquire a craftsman’s confirmation.

National Streetcar Museum 

The National Streetcar Museum, blended into the National Historical Park, is situated in downtown Lowell and was set up in 1978. The historical center is ideal for guests who appreciate trolleys, or rather, prepare autos as its unique show permits guests to investigate the historical backdrop of the urban rail transportation and its resurrection in America. The display subtle elements the historical backdrop of the general population travel framework inside Lowell and how it fits into the more extensive story of American travel.

For families who are bringing kids, there are trolley rides accessible on completely reestablished streetcars that work from May through October – they are free and gave by the National Park Service.

Cobblestones Restaurant and Bar 

Cobblestones Restaurant and Bar is situated in the generally possessed “Yorick Building,” which was a restrictive building built as a motel for the Merrimack Manufacturing Company in 1859. Presently the Cobblestone Restaurant and Bar has an Italianate style to it with its Victorian wall, rock stairs, and isolated lounge areas.

The menus range from a supper menu, a beverage menu, a lunch menu, a late night menu, and an informal breakfast menu, and in addition an art lager menu. Notwithstanding offering loose fine eating, Cobblestones additionally offers various exceptional event and private feasting choices. A feast administrator who will work to arrange the ideal occasion for any size, or event will handle and compose these capacities.

El Potro Mexican Bar and Grill 

El Potro Mexican Bar and Grill offers bona fide Mexican and Central American cooking that begin from formulas passed on through the eras. The eatery is family-claimed and serves conventional dinners that are arranged new with natively constructed fixings. The eatery can suit huge gatherings, or it can be leased for organization snacks and private occasions. Cooking is a choice, as the eatery has a huge takeout menu for at-home occasions.

They additionally have unrecorded music evenings highlighting a Mariachi band that plays exemplary mariachi melodies. You will hear Afro-Amerindian society tunes and the Mexican polka and Corridos and Cumbias.

Closing Page Jazz and Comedy Club 

Is a ground floor club particularly composed around Lowell’s one of a kind music and live excitement. The club is situated in downtown Lowell, tucked behind the Blue Taleh, and is very much set apart by its waterway enchant way. This listening room is devoted to jazz, drama, and soul with low-lighting and solid beverages. For the individuals who need to sit back, have a couple drinks, and simply hear some out soul relieving music, this is the spot.

The Back Page once in a while charges a fee at the door, and they quite often have no less than one band playing for the duration of the night. They have a lot of occasions that keep running from Tuesday through Saturday, and their beverage rundown is broad.

Weather in Lowell :


Lowell ordinarily has a warm atmosphere all through the mid year running from the mid 60s to mid 90s amid the day, with downpour and storms more basic in the months of July and August. Water crafts and trolleys work no matter what and are just crossed out in instances of compelling climate or the nearness of thunder and lightning.


Lowell ordinarily has icy winters with temperatures running from the mid 30s and 40s to single digit temperatures. Snow storms happen as often as possible all through the winter season, so please try to check the recreation center site for any overhauls about working hours.

Best time to visit :

The mid year months are ordinarily hot and moist, while winter months are generally cool. The best time to visit Lowell is amongst August, September, with July being the Busiest month of the year.

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