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Reckong Peo, is additionally spelled Rekong Peo and basically known as Peo by the neighborhood occupants, is central station of Kinnaur locale, one of the twelve managerial areas of the Indian condition of Himachal Pradesh. At a height of 2,290 meters, Reckong Peo is 260 kilometers from Shimla and seven kilometers from Powari. Prior Kalpa was the base camp later changed to Reckong Peo, named after gathering of individuals who used to claim this spot in old times.


Reckong Peo appeared on first May 1960. As per history, it is trusted that it was before known as Kinnaura. There are numerous legends and myths connected to the historical backdrop of the locale. In the middle of, the ninth and twelfth century the region was under the standard of the Guge Kingdom of Tibet. After that, it was separated into seven sections, which mutually came to be known as Sat Khund

The region was later vanquished by Akbar, which brought about the insertion of this locale into the Mughal Empire. After the fall of the Mughal Empire, this area was then known as Chini Tehsil which assumed an imperative part in the advancement of the district.

Things to do in Reckong Peo:

• The key attractions in Kapla are the Narayan-Nagini sanctuary and Hu-Bu-Lan-Kar religious community that is accepted to be over a thousand-year-old. You need to stroll through the restricted paths of the town to achieve the sanctuary and cloister.

• You can likewise do Kamru Fort that is at a separation of 2 km from Sangla. The engineering of Kamru Fort looks like that of the Bhima Kali complex and is accepted to the starting point of leaders of Bushehar.

• Visit the lesser known Sangla Valley, which is around a couple of kms from Kalpa towards Karchham. From Karchham, there’s a preoccupation for Sangla Valley and Chitkul. The scenes of Sangla Valley will without a doubt do magic on you.

• Those with a religious bowed of brain must arrangement kothi that has an antiquated sanctuary committed to goddess Chanadika Devi. It is set against the scenery of mountains and graves of deodar.

• Chitkul is the last town in Sangla Valley of Himachal and past untruths Tibet.

Nearby Places in Reckong Peo:

  • Kinner Kailash :

One can undertake the holy pilgrimage of Kinner Kailash from this place and return to Kalpa in 7-8 days.

  • Wildlife Sancturies

: Three wildlife sanctuaries namely Lipa-Asrang Sanctuary, Rakchham-Chhitkul Sanctuary, and Rupi-Bhaba Sanctuary houses wide varieties of wildlife. Species like Yak, Ibex, Leopard, Red Fox, Goral, musk Deer, Blue Sheep, Brown Bear, Musk Deer, and Himalayan black Beer are found in these sanctuaries.

  • Chandika Temple :

It is situated 3kms away from Reckong peo in Kothi. This temple located in the village of Kothi is dedicated to goddess Chandika. She is worshipped with great reverence amongst the locals. It is believed that she was the daughter of demon devta Banasur who presided over Kinnaur. Chandika Devi Temple is situated with the backdrop of deodar forests and snow capped peaks.

  • Kothi :

3 km from Recong Peo. Kothi has a temple dedicated to the Goddess Chandika Devi. Set against a backdrop of mountains and groves of deodar, the temple has a special architectural style and fine sculpture.

  • Bhabha Valley :

Bhabha valley, kafnu village, kinnaurBhabha Valley. From Wangtu, a road turns off to Kafnu. And here begins one the most beautiful trek routes in Himachal. To the east, the Bhaba Valley leads to the Pin Valley .

Weather in Reckong Peo:

All the region of Reckong Peo appreciates a mild atmosphere because of its high height, with long winters from October to May, and short summers from June to September. Amid winter time substantial woolens are required when temperature goes beneath the point of solidification around – 15 degree to – 20 degree.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit Reckong Peo is all round the year. Summers are charming and salubrious in Reckong Peo. The area offers greenery taking care of business amid rainstorm and the waterfalls can be seen at a few spots. This beautiful site is honored with sheets of snow amid winters. The perspectives from Reckong Peo are charming and wonderful from December to February.

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