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Rohtang Pass Travel Tour

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Rohtang Pass is 51 kms from Manali. Situated at a tallness of 3980 Mtrs, on thruway to Keylong/Leh. The Pass offers a scene and awesome mountain view. once served as a vital exchange course, and still remains the portal to the regions of Lahaul and Spiti.The Pass is open from mid April to November every year, and gives magnificent perspectives of the whole environment. Just past the Pass is the Sonapani Glacier and the twin top of Gaypan. The Beas Kund, the wellspring of the Beas stream, a blessed site for Hindus, as the sage Vyas is said to have thought at this spot, is additionally open from the Rohtang Pass.


Things to do in Rohtang pass:

  • Snow Scooters in Rohtang pass

At the snow purpose of Rohtang pass, it offers snow bike experience visits. At the point when individuals need little or long ride the snow bikes have turned into an extremely prevalent relaxation vehicle. One can either drive alone or can take a visitor direct together. The snow bikes offer a rush to all the experience cracks and is an unquestionable requirement attempt.

  • Paragliding at Rohtang Pass

Paragliding in Rohtang pass is a famous sightseers fascination. Short fly, medium fly and high fly are the choices for paragliding in Rohtang. Around 25mins to 1hr of time is taken in the flight. This game is profoundly considered by the experience devotees and adrenalin seekers.

Nearby Places in Rohtang Pass:

Hadimba Temple: Built in 1550 A.D. in a woodland forest. Hadimba Devi’s sanctuary is four layered with a Pagoda formed rooftop and a front entryway secured with figures ands images.

Manu Maharishi Temple: Situated in old Manali town of separation of 2 km from the taxi stand . This is the main Temple Manu who is the considerable Hindu Law provider. It is receptive by street.

Vashisth Temple: A reasonable size town on the left bank of Beas, Renowned for ots hot sulfur water spring and sanctuary of Vashisth Rishi and Lord Rama. Likewise can see, the conjunction of Beas and Manalsu River.

Solang Nallah: In a Picturesque setting, this has great ski slants and excursion spots. The valley 13 Km from Manali is acclaimed for different bold exercises like skating, paragliding, snow bike riding, horse riding and some more.

Tibetan Monastery: A little Monastery is a tranquil clerring has picture of the Buddha and some perfect tangkhas. Acclaimed for rug weaving and Tibetan painstaking work.

Vaishno Temple: A little give in and a place of worship with can picture of Goddess Vishno other sanctuary are committed to Lord Shiva, Rama and Krishna.

Manikaran: Famous for its boiling hot water springs Hot water spring on the waterway Parvati follow their starting point to a legend. The water is hot to the point that Dal and Rice and so forth can be cooked. A surely understood journey place by virtue of old Hindu sanctuaries and a Gurudwara According to a legend Manikaran is likewise connected with Lord Shiva and his celestial Consort Parvati who lost a recouped her ear ring here

Jagatsukh Temple: Famous Shiva Temple Shikhara style and fascinating old sanctuary of Gaytri Devi and Sharvali made by Pandvas.

Naggar Castle: It is an old capital of Kullu. The Castle was worked by Raja Bhosaal. Presently under HPTDC. The Castle changed over to a Hotel. It is perfect spot for visitor and encompassing view is extremely beguiling.

Roerich Art Gallery: In Naggar workmanship display, the Roerich Museum, which houses a gathering of the sketch of the Russian Artist Nicholas Roerich.

Weather in Rohtang Pass:

  • January to April:

Amid the January month, there’s constantly substantial snowfall. The streets are hindered for the guests as vehicles once get adhered because of substantial snow can’t be expelled. The snow covers upto 5-6 feet. Amid the month February, Rohtang Pass is obstructed as there is constantly substantial snowfall amid January and February, it is not sheltered amid this time and hence guests are not permitted to enter the pass. Amid this period sudden snow showers are experienced and on the off chance that they are overwhelming, vehicles are stuck and there’s no wellbeing measures could be taken and this is the reason the streets are blocked. Amid the month of March, the streets to Rohtang Pass are hindered because of substantial snow showers from the month of January and even in March startling snow showers are experienced, it is perilous to go on these streets as they are secured with overwhelming snow. The snow amid this month is for the most part of 3-4 feet and vehicles can’t move there. The consent to enter the streets after complete check of wellbeing measures and leeway of snow is given by Indian Army. Sightseers can appreciate snow in Solang valley, which is 10 km from Manali and with elevation of 8500 ft.

Amid the month of April, the streets to Rohtang Pass are opened by mid of the month if the snowfall in the months January – February are not overwhelming and if the streets are cleared and are protected to travel. The authorization to go on the Rohtang Pass roadway is given by The Indian Army. At the point when the streets are opened here, gutsy games like skiing, snow biking ,horse riding and paragliding can be delighted in there.

  • May to August: 

In the month of May, the streets to Rohtang Pass are opened and the picturesque excellence has no words to express. Voyagers appreciate playing with snow balls. Daring games like paragliding, skiing, snow biking and horse riding can be appreciated there. The pass is opened for the vacationers in the month of June. Vacationers can appreciate snow biking, paragliding, trekking on snow furthermore horse riding there. The beautiful magnificence of Rohtang Pass and the encompassing valleys has no words to express as it’s an awesome ordeal to watch the snow clad slopes and mountains. Conventional dresses on rental premise are accessible there for photography. Yak ride is likewise accessible there.In the month of July, it’s a lovely time to visit Rohtang Pass, as the valleys encompassing it is secured with snow and it’s a treat to our vision to watch the magnificence of the snowclad mountains. Contingent upon the snowfall of the year, on the off chance that it was substantial, voyagers get the opportunity to play with snow balls amid July and else they can appreciate the solidified ice everywhere throughout the pass. Amid the month of August, the pass is opened for voyagers, and a wide range of bold games like paragliding, skiing, Snow biking and horse riding can be delighted in. Contingent upon the snowfall, if the snow fall amid the year was great, then the visitors get the chance to appreciate playing with snowballs amid the month of August, generally can appreciate the solidified snow in the Rohtang Pass.

  • September to December: 

In the month of September, there is a minimal fall in temperature. The temperature is between 16 Degrees Celsius to 25 Degrees Celsius. It is hot yet not sticky as in July-August. Convey just Summer Clothes during the current month with the exception of Rohtang Pass . It is warm in morning and night. There are odds of snow fall in the high mountain ranges. Be that as it may, it vanishes quick as the environment is warm.In October, the snow fall begins in Rohtang Pass. The vacationers can appreciate setting off to the crest of the Pass either by steed rides or trekking. Amid this month it is simply begin of new snow showers. Visitors get the joy to appreciate the new snow showers which would be an affair generally noteworthy. Amid the month of November, the Pass is opened for the visitors. Daring games like skiing , paragliding and trekking should likewise be possible here.During December month the snow there would associate with 2-3 feet. Vacationers appreciate playing with snow balls with crisp snow. In this month vacationers can likewise encounter the crisp snow shower which is amazing knowledge one can have. Involvement in Rohtang Pass is unforgotten one in anybody’s life.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit the pass is between May/June to October/November. In the month of May, Rohtang turns into a hotspot for experience lovers. Travelers can go for different exciting exercises like snow bike, skiing and mountain biking.

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