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San Francisco, in northern California, is a city on the tip of a promontory encompassed by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. It’s known for its uneven scene, year-round mist, famous Golden Gate Bridge, link autos and vivid Victorian houses. The Financial District’s Transamerica Pyramid is its most particular high rise. In the straight sits Alcatraz Island, site of the famous previous jail. 

Amid World War II, the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard turned into a center point of action, and Fort Mason turned into the essential port of embarkation for administration individuals shipping out to the Pacific Theater of Operations. The blast of employments drew numerous individuals, particularly African Americans from the South, to the zone. After the end of the war, numerous military staff coming back from administration abroad and regular folks who had initially come to work chose to sit tight. The UN Charter making the UN was drafted and marked in San Francisco in 1945 and, in 1951, the Treaty of San Francisco formally finished the war with Japan.

Urban arranging ventures in the 1950s and 1960s included far reaching devastation and redevelopment of west-side neighborhoods and the development of new turnpikes, of which just a progression of short fragments were worked before being stopped by resident drove resistance. The onset of containerization made San Francisco’s little docks out of date, and freight action moved to the bigger Port of Oakland. The city started to lose mechanical employments and swung to tourism as the most essential fragment of its economy. Suburbia experienced quick development, and San Francisco experienced critical demographic change, as extensive fragments of the white populace left the city, supplanted by an expanding wave of movement from Asia and Latin America.From 1950 to 1980, the city lost more than 10 percent of its populace.

San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, twofold decked structure, W Calif.; manufactured 1933–36 and 2002–13. It has an aggregate length of 8.25 mi. From San Francisco it crosses the sound to Yerba Buena Island, where a passage associates with the segment prompting Oakland and Berkeley. The western area comprises of two suspension traverses joined at a focal jetty; the eastern of a self-tied down single-tower suspension range and viaduct. In the extreme quake that hit the Bay Area in 1989, the eastern segment of the scaffold, then comprising of a cantilever traverse, a few truss ranges, and a thoroughfare, maintained critical harm; the harm was repaired, yet a substitution connect consequently developed between Yerba Buena and Oakland.

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