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Tulsa is the second-biggest city in the condition of Oklahoma and 47th-most crowded city in the United States. Starting July 2015, the populace was 403,505, an expansion of 11,599 over that reported in the 2010 Census.

Self-charged as the ‘Oil Capital of the World,’ Tulsa has never dirtied its hands much on the dark gold that seepages out somewhere else in the state. Or maybe, it is home to scores of vitality organizations that make their living penetrating for oil, offering it or supplying the individuals who do. The enduring riches this gives once made Tulsa’s luxuriously point by point craftsmanship deco downtown.

Today Tulsa experiences more than most rural sprawl, despite the fact that the Brady Arts District downtown is a brilliant spot. 100 Resilient Cities, spearheaded by the Rockefeller Foundation, intends to help urban communities around the globe turn out to be stronger to the physical, social, and financial difficulties that are a developing part of the 21st century. Tulsa was chosen to join the 100RC exertion over the world, which will make Tulsa stronger to the stuns and burdens that influence our group now and later on. The City of Tulsa and 100RC staff are leading a citywide study to organize the key stuns and hassles of the Tulsa people group and the difficulties natives face. 

For instance, shocks could be the capability of tornadoes, ice tempests or framework disappointments. Stresses could be recognized as wrongdoing and savagery, crime and violence, education quality, poverty or inequality.


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