Tips to Avoid Luggage Theft While You Travel

Luggage Theft Protection Tips

Your luggage is always at risk when you’re in a crowded airport, hotel, or other high-traffic area.

Here’s how you can protect your belongings from luggage theft, or find them if they get lost.

There are services that create tracking stickers for luggage itself as well as electronics, including Okoban Global tags.

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If your property is found, the Good Samaritan can enter your tracking number and find you in seconds. An email and SMS will notify you that it’s in safe hands.

Tracking stickers help when lost items end up in the right hands, but this isn’t always the case. We’re told relentlessly to never leave bags unattended…but what about when an airport employee tells you it’s okay? Cash Back
If an agent at an airline offers you “off the book” luggage storage, especially if you have an overnight layover, say no thanks.

Even if they promise to offer surveillance, they’re not liable if something is lost or stolen. Play it safe and stick with lockers or other office storage areas.

Unfortunately, there have been far too many reports about insider jobs. This year, the top three airports where TSA agents were fired for theft were Miami, JFK, and LAX.

So, follow common-sense rules when it comes to keeping your valuables on you, and don’t ever leave your bags unattended and unprotected.



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