Top travel tips for your trip to Tokyo

Tokyo Travel Tips

Travelling to a new country is no easy task. Especially if the country is culturally different from yours. Different language, food, the very essence of culture -it’s all completely new!

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But don’t worry, we are here to make your travelling far easier with these amazing travel tips for your trip to Tokyo! Because we don’t want some nerves to stand in the way of visiting one of the most wonderful cities out there!!

1. Invest in an all-purpose metro card

Tokyo all purpose metro card
Tokyo has one of the biggest metro networks in the world and they are owned by multiple companies. This has resulted in a transit station area having two separate stations where you cannot continue onto the next station without buying a new ticket. So the simplest way to travel around the city is to buy a Pasmo card which will be valid in all stations regardless! It can be easily bought from vending machines situated at most of the metro stations.

2. Make most of the free places

If you are tired of paying up for every park you have to enter, here are some places you can enter without spending a buck. For a Tokyo city sky view, go to the 45th floor of the Tokyo Government Metropolitan building instead of the Tokyo tower. You can even visit the infamous sumo wrestling stable early in the morning to get a glimpse of the sumo culture of Japan. For a stunning view, and immersive Japanese culture, take a walk in the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, or roam the streets of the Harajuku district -the quirks here will leave you spellbound!

3. Take a connecting flight

There are two major airports that service Tokyo-Narita and Haneda. Most flights from India land at Narita Airport. There are many ways to reach the Tokyo city from Narita, Taxi, bus and the railways with the taxi being the most expensive. For the most comfortable travelling experience book a bus from the airport itself. It is cost efficient to book the round trip ticket instead of the one-way ticket. Cash Back

4. Opt for a home-stay

Japan is famous for their capsule hotels. The intention is to provide cheap accommodation for travellers. This is the most cost efficient way to stay in Japan. In case you are travelling with a group of fellow backpackers, a more comfortable option will be to book a house using an international and legitimate booking portals and split the costs.

5. Try local cuisine

Tokyo local food
The best thing about food in foreign countries, is that the authentic cuisine is easily accessible and isn’t necessarily too expensive. To save some Yen, opt for food with rich Japanese flavours like a tonkatsu – which is pork cutlet, and pair it up with some nice miso soup, and pickled Japanese veggies. It will be packed with taste, satiate your hunger, and not burn a hole in your pocket!

6. Carry a coin purse

Even if you exchange your money for JPY notes, after staying in Japan for just one day you will find yourself with a lotta coins. The wise thing to do is to be prepared and carry a separate zip bag for coins. A conventional wallet is not made for carrying such a volume of coins and they will keep on falling off into your bigger bag or worse out in the roads.

7. Mind your volume

The whole country of Japan is eerily a quiet place. It is devoid of most of the ambient voice that’s very common in India. There are even notices put up in the metro asking people to refrain from talking on the phone as it will disturb the other passengers, so while in a public place its best if you keep a tab on the volume of your voice.

8. Seek help

Most people in the country don’t really communicate in English, but don’t let that’s stop you from asking for help if you ever get lost. Japanese people are very helpful and if you can identify the name of the place that is your destination, they will easily be able to guide you!



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